Story: Food


On the farms – brose for breakfast with milk/cream and porridge at night. Peasemeal (ground yellow split peas?) – some

ate it like brose or with sugar or syrup.

“You never get the brose in the morning – no brose now. You won’t know what brose is.”

“It’s like a porridge, isn’t it? Only thinner?”

“You just make it and eat it. Everyone got brose – all the boys in the field. Brose and a sip of milk.

Cream! He got the cream in the morning with the brose.

“Brose every morning and porridge every night.”

“But it would be healthy food?”

“I like the peases. Hannae had them for long enough but I liked the peases. I tried them not that

long ago. Any butcher ???? Just take it all. Just tried it but no use. But by God you had other

means of ??”

“Not the peases. Syrup?” [bits missing here]

“Just made it like brose – peasemeal.”

“Yellow, is it?”

“Just the same split peas that you use in broth.”

“And then you just got a slice of loaf in the morning at some places. Slice of loaf and no tea.”