Data/Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice in compliance with Data Protection Law-Lumsden Community Association 2018

This notice signifies Lumsden Community Association’s dedication to keeping the Publics personal data safe. We recognise that the data we hold is private and it is with the Public’s consent that we use the information given with transparent intention.

As of 15th May 2018 any and all personal data (including Name, telephone number and email addresses) will have been given with consent to Lumsden Community Association. Otherwise any data we hold not specifically giving consent to hold will be deleted.

The intention of the Association, in regards to your personal data, is to share information of events, news about the village, information about Lumsden Community Association, Lumsden Hall and surrounding area information. We do not share your Data with any outside business, association or agency.

At any time if you wish The Association to no longer have possession of your data you may request for your data to be deleted by email ( or in writing to an active committee member. There will also be a link to request to have your data removed in the footer of our emails and on our website on the home page.

Your data is held securely by password in a security encrypted website called MailChimp where we send our emails from. It will also be held in a document on a hard drive held on the property of Secretary or the Chair Person.

-The Lumsden Community Association

March 2018