Story: Working on Farms


Men’s night – on working on farms

A lot of people worked on farms. Many walked home every night. Some single men stayed in bothies. You got fed in the

house and slept in the bothy. McHardy and Robertson had cars at that time but farmers didn’t have cars.

“That was my first place, Auchindoir. I left the school. Ken was there at that time. And old Sandy.

Old Sandy didn’t work though? No – neither of them worked.”

“Were there quite a lot of people working on the farms?”

“Oy aye. Sandy [SAM?] was nae working though – he was away to school with his sister. She

learned me to smoke. But I dinnae smoke now.”

“Did you stay on the farm or did you walk home?”

“No I still come home.”

“Did most folk do that?”

“Well – it depended on the distance. A lot was bed and bothies, you see. Single men – bed and


“Was that quite good fun?”

“Oh aye. It depended, it depended what like a ????. [Something about Clova]”

“Was it hard?”

“[Something about Clova] You got fed in the house and slept in the bothy. “

“Was it cold?”

“Fire was on. ????? Dougie ???

McHardy had a car and Sandy Robertson had a car but farmers didn’t have cars at that time.

Murray at Battlehillock bought one – he was first. And he was first to do away with the horse –

Murray. He put away the horse. Just a tractor but he managed alright.”

“????? stray? He could do anything. “