Story: Water


Men’s night – on water

When they broke trees and stole vegetables, the children used to get chased by Lizzie Ferguson (Syrupy Liz?) who lived

‘at the Heid o’ the Green’ further down from the church. They were chased by ?? when drinking from the water pump.

Lots of water pumps in the street at the roadside as people didn’t have water in their houses. On the farms the water was

all outside and pumps needed primed every time water was needed. They froze in winter. Sometimes Jimmy was all

winter without water. Had to fetch it out of the burn.


“Heid of the Green – she stayed further down and up – Lizzie Ferguson. We used to go in and steal

greens and broke all the trees. She bided away in that place up there.”

“Did she chase you?”

“Oh, she came down and chased us alright, when we broke all the trees.”


“The water pump up there – we used to play taking a drink. There were a lot pumps in the street at

that time. A lot of pumps.”

“And was that because people didn’t have water in their houses?”

“You had to go and collect your water. The pumps were on the green, down from the church. All

outside at that time.”

“When we come here we just had a pump out there and the pump needed primed every time we

needed water. Aye – we were the same. They froze in the winter. Sometimes we (Jimmy) was all

winter without water. We had to fetch it out of the burn.”

“Because that’s what I always thought – if ever I have a problem with water then there’s always

some down there. I’d just get a bucket and get some out of there.”