Story: The Snowstorm


The Snowstorm

A story by Margaret Shearer about a snowstorm that hit one year in Lumsden

I was waiting for John, my husband, to come in from the shop, and it was just absolutely blowing a drift and

I had opened the back door and there was just that space at the backdoor that you could see daylight. Just

over the top.

And so that night he didn’t get in – he had to come over the dyke or something. Oh we had bad storms in

those days – nothing to what we get now.

I think we were cut off from Rhynie for about three weeks.

“So you probably couldn’t get to Alford either?”

No, probably not. Well, the Alford road wasn’t so bad, because the Rhynie Brae’s a bad bit – at Rhynie

Brae, that bit there – quite bad.

It seems a long time ago – well, it is a long time ago – I’m 96 next May.

“Wow – that’s fantastic.”

So – I’ve seen the best of it, I think.