Story: The Lumsden Family


The Lumsden family

A story by James Lumsden about the Lumsden family tree

Lumsden family tree goes back to Berwickshire. Founded the Priory of Coldingham and the village of

Lumsdene in 1098.

First chief’s name was Adam Lumsden. He was forced to fight alongside the English king Edward I, who

attempted to conquer the Scots in 1296.

A few branches of the Lumsdens split up. My line is Cushnie, Tilliecairn, Clova, Auchindoir, Belhelvie,

Pitcaple, Balmedie and Sluie at Banchory.

Lumsden of Cushnie sat in the Scots parliament. Andrew Lumsden, he was Primus of the Episcopal

Church in 1713. Robert Lumsden, he was secretary to Prince Charlie – that’s Edward Stuart – 1745-1746


He escaped to Rome after Culloden. He returned to Scotland in 1778 – he was pardoned then. His tartan

waistcoat was preserved and is now in Pitcaple Castle.

John Lumsden, director of the East India Company, he was involved with the Grants of Monymusk as


Harry Lumsden, he founded the village of Lumsden.

Hugh Lumsden, Clova and Auchindoir was Papal Chamberlain to Pope Benedict XV.

Harry Lumsden’s son Alexander took up residence at Mill of Leslie, over beside Insch. He married there,

moved to Bogs of Leslie, just up the road a wee bit. He’d nine of a family.

One of them – James, my grandfather – started farming at Terpersie.