Story: Tealeaves


The tealeaves

A story by Margaret Shearer about the village fortune teller

“She lived with her mother and at the back, just up from the sculpture shop, where the garage is now, well,

that was a house at one time. Whinhurst – I don’t know if you know Whinhurst, do you?”

“I don’t know Whinhurst, no.”

“It’s just up from the workshop and then there’s a house and then there’s Whinhurst and at the garage at

the back was where it was a house and this was where Lettie lived and this was where everybody went

with their teacup to get their fortune read. She never was out; she just sat in that chair all the time but that

was really all that I can tell you about her.

Did you ever go and get your fortune read by her? Lettie?

I think I did, but really my memory’s not very good. I had a slight accident a few years ago and really my

memory’s not the same. So I might have done! But I don’t remember.