Story: Swearing


Affectionately remembered different people. Some swore a lot, but not in certain company!

???? [can’t make out intro]

“When I was in the army I met a guy and his relations where there. He was a major in the army –

he said to me the next time I went on leave he wanted a ??? of that house but I lost touch with him

but they were related to Kirkcaldy – to that folk of Jimmy Middleton – him at Auchindoir.”

“I ken where you are – the old manse.”

“There’s a road that goes over that way where Pat Dunn used to stay and there’s a road that goes

over the back way to Craig, over that back way. I remember when there was work being done on

that route folk going over the back way. A kind of rough road.”

“I remember when Pat Dunn lived up there with Peter Dunn. I remember him. He used to come to

the shop and used to come with the front-loader on the tractor. And he never liked having anything

like sausages – meat that he knew what it as. He didn’t want a pie ‘cos he didn’t know what was in

it. He didn’t want sausages because he didn’t know what was in them. He just wanted meat – a

piece of meat and he would buy a piece of plat k or whatever he was wanting and chuck it in the

front-loader, regardless of what had been in it. And we would say “Do you want a bag?” “No.”

And he’d just throw it in. “

“Do you mind his nice language?” “Oh yes – it was quite colourful at times. I liked him though.”

“Aye – he was alright.”

“But regardless of what he’d had in it – sometimes it was muddy and everything and he would just

hurl in the shopping and away.”

“Him and me walked up to top of the hill – up past Auchinleith way up there and there was a funeral

on the Cabrach and he said to me, “Oh, I didn’t think they would die up the Cabrach”.”

“Mrs Rose met him on the Auchinleith road and Mrs Rose was down looking at cows and there

was a cow with a stiff hind leg and I can’t tell you what Peter said was wrong with it! Oh, what a

guy he was. What a man.”

“And that wifey – she bides over there a bitty. She met Peter the first time she came up here up

from England. She was looking about for that place over there. And she met Peter. Oh, your on the

so-and- so road, he said. Worse than than! But ???? to Glenbogie House to let his wife hear him

swearing and he never swore once. ????”

“Charlie Jamieson was in North Deskie before we got it. And he never swore in front of Charlie


“Mr Rose was going all the way to Lairg and his mother was in the car. Never swore all the way to

Lairg. ????

“Oh he was an awful lad.”