Story: Marriage


Bill and Mary married in Lumsden Church, had their reception in the hall and went to stay near Westburn Park in

Aberdeen for their honeymoon. Wullie was married in the manse next to the church. No-one knew which church the old

manse was for. They thought it might be Auchindoir.

“So did you get married in Lumsden?”

“Yes – Lumsden Church.”

“And where did you have your reception?”

“In the old hall. Old hall all done away with now. Completely gone. That’s were we had the dance.

And then we went to Westburn Park at Aberdeen for our honeymoon. And Selina. And Selina’s

Mum and Dod were there. “

“For a few days?”

“??? Kicked me out again. We bided at Queensbriggs when we were married. Put in a bed up the

stair. ??? You’re wrong there Bill!”

“And did you get married in Lumsden? In the church there?”

“The Minister’s house.”

“The manse? The one next door or the one down the hill?”

“The one right beside the church.”

“So you got married in the minister’s house. The one right next door. They always call the other

one the Manse as well- down the lane.”

“That’s the Old Manse”

“Was it a manse? Do you remember it being a manse?”

“It was a manse I think for the old kirk down at Auchindoir. An old ruin.”

[Bits missing from the end of this}