Story: Land Girls and Lumber Jills


One farmer used to take land girls on only for 6 months as you got money for the first 6 months to train them. He would

shout and howl at them. In 6 months he would get a new lot. The land girls were mainly local. Some came from Orkney.

A number of people married land girls. Lumberjills cut the wood.

“Used to take the lassies that worked in the fields…. the land girls. Took them for six months – you

used to hear him howling at them. Just took them for six months – he got paid for six months and

then away they went.”

“Were there a lot of land girls came?”

“There was a few, ken – Jimmy – oh my memory’s all to hell. You’re needing a dram!

Jimmy McConnachie married a land girl – twas Jimmy was married to Hettie (Hetty?).”

“Oh that’s right.”

“And Mrs Henderson was a land girl – Jock Henderson’s wife. She was a land girl. Aye, she was an

Orkney lassie.”

“Where did they come from?”

“Orkney, or all mair or less round about. Some of the quines from Strathdon, they were land girls.

“They brought in the wood. Fiona Coutts Smith was a land girl – they were lumberjills.


“Lumberjills. ??? wood at side of Kirkhill ???? There’s a man dragged the wood out with horse, out

of the woods and the lassies cut them all.

“Your pal Sherwood? She worked at Drum Castle. So she did.”