Story: Getting Married


You had a new suit to get married in. Kelman’s, the tailor was at Parkneuk. Jimmy was sitting in the tailors at night while

they sewed ‘a fine blue suit’ for him. It was only finished the day before the wedding! There was another tailor next to

Davidson’s (the grocer). Jimmy got married in the Kildrummy hotel. There wasn’t a minister at that time, so he had to

collect one from Alford and take him home again after the service.

“It was great times at that time. I mind when I was getting married. I was needing a new suit, see.

You always had a new suits to get married.”

“Jimmy – the tailor in Lumsden. Jimmy Soutar?”

“Tailor in Lumsden – Jimmy ?? So when we arrived to get on and get a suit ready. The wife was

away but I see’d him and he said we’ll make it for you and we had to get away.” [something about


“Jimmy went with me about one o’clock came and she ???? and the old boy says to me – “you’d

better get a good suit now he says, may be the last thing you’ll get.” Maybe the last thing you get,

he said to me. and we got it home this one day and wore it the next day.”

“??? was the same – he thought it was not going to be ready in time.”

“I was down they day before to get my suit. Last day I bought my suit.”

“Did everyone have a new suit to get married?”


“A fine blue suit it was. Jimmy something you called him. The tailor. Wife bides on her own now.

The Govals … the cottage. No, nearer the village than that. The one on the left. Where Kelman

was – that’s what you called the tailor. Aye that’s right. But he didn’t work in Lumsden. He worked in


“Not the Govals, the one before the Govals – Parkneuk.”

“Davidson’s shop – that was another tailor. What was the title of the tailor? Oh that boy said to me –

“you’d better get a good suit now – it’ll be the last thing you’ll get.” “

“Where did you get married?”

“Kildrummy Hotel. There was no minister in Kildrummy at that time, so I says to myself, “where will

I get a minister?“ And an old boy says to me,”I’ll easy come for you, the minister, ???? from Alford.

Took down the car for him. Put him back again after we were married – the same day.

Oh, we had some great times.”