Story: Doric Language Dying Out


“The Doric language is going to die out ….”

“Oh no – they’re encouraging it in schools now. They do have Doric lessons – when the lesson is

taken in Doric.”

‘“Cos a lot of folk in Lumsden, they wouldn’t ken what I say like … they’d just sit and look at you

like a you’re a bloody fool. It’s them that’s the fool. But it’s me that the fool – because I canna

speak English.

“But I cannae read Doric though. Oh no, it’s no good to read at all. No, no, no, no. You just have

to speak it.

“There’s a lot of them just speak Edinburgh – ‘cos when you get to school it’s all Edinburgh they


“But they’re encouraging it in the schools.”

“They tested me in the shop, because they were sure I was English. So they came in and asked for

something in Doric – and be very surprised when I went to get it.”