Story: Cars


Jimmy took everyone to dances in his car. The lumberjacks up on the hill. The car cost him £25. He bought it out of his

wages. There were lots of parties. He was told to take people part of the way, but when they were drunk they would

make him take them all the way home, and tip him 2’6 (12 and a half pence in new money) for doing so. That was a lot at

the time.

“And Jock ?? says to me – do you want this car? £25 it was. Oh, I didn’t keep it long ??? went

away to a dance only but ?? down the wood. [can’t make sense of this bit at all]

“So I put it hame to Chapelton and the next I sees it all workmen down the road in the car

“£25 asked for it and I paid it out of my wages but you see I had always a fine job getting – I didn’t

need my wages there because I had the car and the lumber jacks were up the hill and come down

to the pub you see and of course there were an awful lot of parties. Was a ??? of a place but there

was a lot of parties and I had to haul them home you see. And course they paid me for hauling

them home.


“Had to walk a bit you see but I left them off ?? They wouldn’t get off at the first ?? Jock said to

me, “put them off at the ???,” So I did ??? and I got a half crown from them. Half crown was a lot of

money at that time, for going up there.”